Registration is mandatory before October 1, 2018 for all participants.

Participation is open to all doctoral students, and their supervisors. It is compulsory for all first year doctoral students (introduction meeting in the morning). Master 2 students are also welcome.


You can submit an abstract for a poster (5 minutes of presentation and 5 minutes of questions) or an oral communication (10 minutes of presentation and 5 minutes of questions) until September 14, 2018.
As a reminder, it is compulsory for all Ph.D. students to present their work at the Doctoral School Day at least once during the course of their Ph.D.


The abstract submission platform is open and will be closed on September 14, 2018. Please respect the requested layout (exemple of layout) and the delay. Late deposit will not be accepted.


The best communications (poster or oral) will be rewarded by several awards. The evaluation is based on scientific and pedagogical criteria. 

Fli_logo_301.jpgIn addition, this year, FLI will financially support the best communication on the theme of imaging in order to allow the laureate to attend a future conference. 


This 23rd EDISS scientific day will revolve around the theme

"New therapeutics"

This year, the invited speaker is Jenny VALLADEAU-GUILEMOND (Inserm - Team Targeting of the tumor and its immune environment, CRCL), who will present her work on

"The role of type III interferon in the anti-tumoral immune response in breast cancer"


The round table will focus on "Immunotherapies and new innovative therapeutics", with the presence of the invited speaker, as well as Christine MENETRIER-CAUX (CRCL), Florence RENART-DEPONTIEU (Erytech Pharma) and Caroline ROZAN (ElsaLys Biotech).


At the end of this 23rd edition of the day of the doctoral school Sciences-Santé de Lyon (EDISS), open to doctoral students of EDISS and students of Master 2, we propose a post-day evening to continue exchanging !

This evening is also open to Master 1 students in order to broaden their network and to reinforce them in their choice of courses through informal exchanges.
This event will happen the same day : Thursday, October 11, 2018, and will start at 7 PM. It is free for the first hundred persons registered.

Plan of the day

The day will take place at the Rotonde on the campus of La Doua (INSA) in Villeurbanne. 

Acces Rotonde anglais


The EDISS Science Day

The EDISS Science Day is organized every October in the form of a scientific symposium bringing together the main actors in the life of the school (doctoral students, supervisors, members of the school's scientific council ...).

The objective of this day is twofold:

  • To welcome PhD students newly enrolled in the first year in order to present to them the functioning of the doctoral school and to answer any questions they may have concerning the progress of their thesis; In addition, they will elect their two representatives to the scientific council of the school. The presence of all doctoral students enrolled in the first year accompanied by their supervisor (s) is therefore compulsory.  


  • Presentation of the works of the PhD students: Presentations in the form of posters (5 minutes of presentation and 5 minutes of questions) or oral presentation (10 minutes of presentation and 5 questions) will take place throughout the day allowing doctoral students to Present their work to their colleagues and compete in the two best presentations in each category. 


It is also and above all an opportunity for doctoral students to interact with their colleagues or members of the management of the school and to meet industrialists who come to present their activities.


On the occasion of this day, you will have to elect the representatives of the first year PhD students to the Council of the EDISS (1st year College). Application Form

Find all this information on the school's new website:


Location of the event

Batiment La Rotonde - INSA de Lyon

Campus de la Doua

20 avenue des Arts, 69100 Villeurbanne




Email :


Université Claude Bernard Lyon1

Service des études doctorales

Bât. Atrium – 1er étage, Bureau 110

43, Bd du 11 novembre 1918

69622 Villeurbanne cedex

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